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This poster was created for Marijn van der Sluis, researcher and legal specialist in constitutional law. Van der Sluis observed that many Dutch citizens are particularly ill informed of their constitutional rights. In his opinion, the constitutional laws should be playing a more prominent role in, for instance, political and social issues. In order to increase awareness of the constitutional laws among Dutch citizens we created this poster, displaying the complete Constitution of the Netherlands. The poster contains two specific elements. First of all it had to be striking and attractive from a distance, like a poster should. We tried to achieve this by using a large typographical composition and bright colors: orange and blue, obviously, the national/royal Dutch color scheme. Secondly, the poster can be viewed up close for further reading. The design for the typographical composition came from the idea that the Constitution of the Netherlands should be the ‘frame’ in which Dutch society supposedly operates. The ‘cut-off’ effect emphasizes this concept. The typographical composition was made with the words ‘Grondwet voor het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden’, which means ‘Constitution of the Netherlands.’

The poster is now published and used by ProDemos, an organization that informs and educates citizens on the democratic constitutional state. In addition, it can be displayed at, for example, schools, city halls and other public spaces as a promotional tool for the Constitution.

  • Creative Directors Jasper Jongeling and Jessica de Kort
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Jasper Jongeling and Jessica de Kort
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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