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grotheer architekten

by Bergzwo GmbH

A new corporate design for a bureau of young architects and interior designers. The idea is to brand each project/client of the architects. By using the existing and project-based three-digit code and defining a coloursystem and a patternscheme, every project gets its own identity. The three-digit code is build with the beginning of each new job. The colours are based upon the characters of the alphabet an the numbers 0 to 9. The font Intro which is used for all functions features alternative characters. So a typographical distinction between architects and projects will be enabled. The possibilities of designing new logos for the client-projects are immense: from illustrative forms like animals or buildings up to dekorative patterns. Everything is possible! But the explicit definition leads to an unmistakable and overall corporate design. The individual project-design attends the complete process: from the first sketch until the documentary. This is how the direction of the architects and interior designers transfers the individual process of building houses: individual, creative, surprising and consistent.

  • Creative Directors Jörg Stauvermann
  • Art Directors Jörg Stauvermann
  • Designers -
  • Illustrators -
  • Photographers -
  • Editors -
  • Copywriters Jörg Stauvermann
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