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Gusto IDS

by Gusto IDS

We are Gusto IDS -aka Studiogusto. We like to call ourselves a Culture–First Creative Agency that develops beautiful digital products, brands and experiences. With the new website we created for ourselves we wanted to set an experience able to match our creativity and culture and connection to the vibes of the world surrounding us.
W started a creative brainstorming process that brought us to the new Gusto IDS website, made of different shapes that change when stimulated by a new interaction. Just like our team, composed of very different and unique people, the inspirations coming from the outside make our lines dance to the beat of their drums, changing us and being interpreted through our own identity.

The organic shapes and masks play and integrate with the projects showcased, while the mouse creates interactions and magnetic attraction among the elements. The website starts a digital journey where the thing we like the most to do are intertwined: web project are unmasked by canvasses and animations as well as videos, breaking the screen with their colors and a suggestive glitch effect.
The sound has been designed by our team to meet a noir, elegant and contemporary mood, making the user start an experience among the works and things the define us the most: design, beauty, uniqueness.

  • Creative Directors Stefano Caliandro
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Sebastiano Pierotti
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Lorenzo Benedetti
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