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GYLD Kräuterelexier

by KW NEUN Grafikagentur

Own-produced herbal liqueurs from the pharmacy have a long tradition, but have been finding their way into the shelves of well-versed bartenders with an interest in regional produce in the recent years. The Elwert family of pharmacists from Böhmenkirch realises this trend and revises their own herbal bitter “Böhmenkircher Lebenselixir”, the “Böhmenkirch elixir of life”. The thus created new product is named “GYLD”, following ancient sagas, in which heroes become invincible when drinking a magic potion.The graphic appearance, however, has very deliberately been freed from history – the shape and look of the bottle remind of the pharmacist guild. The abstract black-and-white design emphasises the drink’s colour: GOLD.

  • Creative Directors Artur Gulbicki
  • Art Directors Mara Weyel
  • Designers Christoph Sauter
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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