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Haags Wonen Annual Report 2008

by Fabrique [brands, design and interaction]

Haag Wonen is one of the three biggest housing associations in The Hague, with more than 22,000 homes and 2,500 commercial properties. Each year, Haag Wonen searches for an agency to create its annual report in an exceptional manner. This year, the financial results were presented online for the first time, which meant there was a lot of freedom for the printed version of the annual report.

Fabrique designed an original book – Haags Wonen (Living in The Hague) – the central focus of which is proud residents of The Hague and in which Haag Wonen presents its vision for the future.

The annual report is divided according to the ten different districts, and the theme of ‘pride’ is the thread running through the entire report. This is shown by each district having its own coat of arms, created from the physical outline of each district, but also from the many personal interviews with residents in the various districts.
And pride, which is what the residents of The Hague have for their district; the coffee bar on the other side of the road, the courtyards and ponds, contact with your neighbours, kicking a ball in the park, and having city and beach just around the corner.

It’s about people’s stories. This is what makes the district, the neighbourhood, the city, after all. And you can see this very clearly in the report. Photographer Boudewijn Bollman made real contact with the residents; this sense of being ‘close by’ can also be seen very clearly in his personal, colourful photos.

The front cover of the annual report is also unique. Haag Wonen was brave enough to abandon the standard idea of putting an attractive image on the front cover, and chose instead to put the best quotes from the residents interviewed on it.

Kraft paper was used for the annual report, which was printed in opaque white. This looks chic, while at the same time feeling durable. The infographics in the book are displayed in a special way; not with standard pie charts, but using visually attractive designs.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Simone van Rijn
  • Designers Martijn Maas
  • Illustrators Martijn Maas
  • Photographers Boudewijn Bollman
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Rozatekst, Corianna Roza
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