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Illustration > 15.2 Corporate Illustration

Haga Interiors

by Sjoerd Verbeek

Haga Interiors is an interior design studio in the Netherlands. They asked Sjoerd to create an illustrated identity for the company. They wanted to represent their various disciplines by different illustrations. The 6 main themes of the illustrations were; Intake, business, color, lighting, styling and interior. From this arose several elements such as; lamps, chairs and vases, which were reflected in the branding. These are used for internal and external presentations, mood boards, website, social media and offline.

By using only black and white and outlines, the illustrations have a minimal appearance. This suits the company that Haga Interiors stands for. In addition to the characteristics of the outlines, there is also a connection with the typography. This forms a unit.

  • Creative Directors Sjoerd Verbeek
  • Art Directors Sjoerd Verbeek
  • Designers Sjoerd Verbeek
  • Illustrators Sjoerd Verbeek
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