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Hanger card for the Osti cheese planer

by LAND Designlab

The Osti cheese planer is a competitively priced, resource-conscious kitchen utensil, designed by Sten Jauer & LAND Designlab for Osti/Rollex. The Osti cheese planer was launched March 2013 in Danish stores.

We were given the task to match the simple design and cost-aware aesthetics of the cheese planer in the design for the hanger card. We decided to see if using the rigidity of a well formulated paper stock and carefully proportioned cuts would make the card hold the product in an unobtrusive design, simple to mount and unmount.

¨Using the cutting hole on the product as mounting basis, we made two cuts: Two opposed half ellipsoids (the shape adopted from the Osti’s ”Ostillipse” ellipsoid), the smaller cut’s diameter within the larger cut, whose shape allow for optimal hold on the product – each ”tongue” extruding through the product’s cutting hole in opposite directions, thus holding the product without any other mounting method required.

The result is an competitive packaging design, easy to produce, assemble and to use, without the need for cable strips, glue or plastic blister. 

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