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Headache off — Online endorphin

by ISD Group

Usually 8 of 10 headaches are caused by worrying a lot.
Having a headache, you don’t care about the pill’s brand. You just want to get rid of it quickly.
Each headache has a cause. As far as people don’t want to talk about the headache, they are willing to discuss and share the underlying stories.
A witty toy website for Nurofen Painkilling Tablets reveals all sorts of mundane causes of headache and lets you make fun of them. A good irony and intelligent mocking are the best ways to let headache go.
Juicy and eye catching design snatches user from his office routine and makes him dive headfirst into the site content.The list  of  headache causes is adjusted to a user gender, social activity, time of day, location or filtered depending on a headache strength.

  • Creative Directors Viktor Shkurba, Alina Revenko
  • Art Directors Natasha Tachinskaya
  • Designers Sergey Komlev, Dmytro Prutkin
  • Illustrators Catherine Korobeiko
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Dima Figol, Galya Fesenko
  • Strategy Director Mikhael Traverse
  • Creative Group Head Stas Stoyatskiy
  • Technical Director Alexander Savin
  • Head of Development Andrew Sergeev
  • Lead Developer Aleksey Nasirov
  • UX-Designer Nickolay Yukhnov
  • Head of Analytics Vladimir Bilets
  • Media Manager Oksana Marchenko
  • Account Director Anna Kumaritova
  • Account Manager Svetlana Mironchuk
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