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by Uniform Strategisk Design AS

We are a design studio in Oslo, Norway.
Celebrating our 20th anniversary, we wanted to give our city a gift.
From research, we knew that Oslo´s residents felt the city lacked dialogue – ways of communicating. As a tool for bridging and encouraging interaction, we created the font heioslo (“hi oslo”). A dynamic font reflecting the diversity of people living here.
The font originates from Oslo’s own inhabitants. More than 100 handwritten alphabets were collected, to form the basis of heioslo. To maintain the sense of hand lettering and the people behind the letters, heioslo is constructed with several versions of each letter.
The heioslo-font is the basis of a community project we have initiated. Going forward, we want to engage the public in creating activities and happenings – using the font as a tool to communicate, connect and empathize.
Together we can make Oslo a little bit warmer.

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