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Helgo ABC Friendly, Cool and Warm

by LOOP Associates

Helgo ABC Friendly, Cool and Warm
Designed by architects Anne Heinsvig and Christian Uldall and the first of a developing series of interior products focused on design, simplicity and a twist of humor, these distinctive products demanded an innovative packaging design.
The candleholders offer the possibility of stacking and creating endless combinations of colors and shapes. The clothes hangers, in different sizes and colors, allow you to experience a new and creative way to hang clothing and other objects in your home.
In creating a packaging design as environmentally friendly as possible while complementing the nature of the products, we utilised only a single color on the box. To create product visibility from the outside, we felt the best method of revealing its distinctive form and color was to integrate a cut out after the product’s shape. While maintaining a minimalistic single-color style, we printed information and inspiration on the box as well.

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