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Herb Liqueur Marienapotheke Pharmacy

by Ulrike Zeizel

The Marienapotheke pharmacy in Wasserburg am Inn, Germany, which was founded back in 1523, produces herb liqueur according to their own recipe in the old apothecaries’ tradition. The design concept of the packaging series is based on the play with both historical and modern elements, the combination of high-quality workmanship and straightforward design, the contrast of black and white. The objective was to visualize both the historical and the pharmaceutical connection while, at the same time, highlighting the high quality of the product. Thus, the representation of the Virgin Mary in the logo relates to the historical painting in the pharmacy’s salesroom. The labels on the bottles have an apothecaries’ design in the form of a module-type relief embossed seal of quality, the wrapping paper is adorned with a series of medals of honor and decorated with short informations about the pharmacy’s history. In order to safeguard the quality of the liqueur, the cork of each bottle is sealed with a sealing point, and the wrapping paper is decorated with paper seals. All materials are easily recyclable.

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