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Het verhaal van Peter

by Morrow B.V.

Het verhaal van Peter (The story of Peter) is an interactive documentary to gain attention for the PGB (a personal budget); a budget which people who need extra care get to spend on healthcare and which is about to be changed dramatically by the Dutch government. Most discussions at this point focus only on cutting budgets, but it leaves out the human side. When people talk about it the amounts seem a lot, because people don’t see where the money goes to… so cutting the budget feels like an easy decision.  The goal with this project was multifold: give the general public an understanding of what the life of someone with PGB looks like, provide context to what such a life costs and most importantly: influence the politicians in The Hague in order to let them make better choices regarding the future of the PGB. For this reason we chose an interactive documentary over a TV format. At the start of the documentary we ask people if they think Peter is worth 75.000 euro (in order to give him a qualitative life paid by all of us) and after that we go through the different steps of day-to-day life and showing where the money goes to. At the end we ask the same question.  The site got very good results:
– +5.000 Dutch people voted on the website
– Before seeing the documentary 47% voted that the budget was too high
– After seeing the documentary 9% voted that the budget was too high
– The documentary was shown on Pauw & Witteman and Hart van Nederland (Dutch primetime television), we got interviewed on national radio (radio 1, BNR) and it appeared in national newspapers (AD)
– And national politicians from four big parties got in touch to talk to the us and the parents of Peter (GroenLinks, CDA, PvdA and SP)

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  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Video direction VLA Productions
  • Development BAMeffect
  • Film production VLA Films
  • Design n interaction Jeroen van Geel, Marten de Jongh
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