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by Studio AIRPORT

About the Project
With more than 3,900 students and over 40 different courses, HKU is one of the largest art and culture-oriented institutes in Europe. The goal of the recruitment campaign was to motivate talents to visit the ‘Open Day’ and to increase the registration of potential students. The campaign has a populair, intriguing yet open character which reflects to contemporary young creatives.

Concept & Design
We created a series of information booklets for prospective students applying to HKU. As one of the largest art institutes in Europe, it was essential to create a brochure system that included all the diverse courses, as well as being easily understandable. Each booklet has a quote on the cover which speaks directly to the student, this quote continues and takes you immediately to the index page, from here information about that particular course is presented. The BB book font family was chosen as the character styles are wiggly and playful, it is implemented in the more informal, persuasive content such as the cover quote. 

The booklet is printed in one pms colour; blue. Each course has a booklet on different coloured paper, by using the technique of positive and diapositive printing, a unique rhythm is being created as the colour shines through the type, appearing on the following page. It feels like the colour moves through the pages. Some colours can not be printed on dark paper which is why we decided to print on coloured paper.

We have included a small off-white photo booklet in the centre fold of the brochure, as well as a series of images there is a short student narrative created to give the prospective students a glimpse of what you can expect from the school. 

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