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Holydesign Website

by Holydesign

The guys with kaleidoscope eyes: Holydesign’s own new website is aimed at presenting the work and attitude of the design office in an original manner. At the same time the company wants to stand out from other agencies and design offices and to use the web design to underscore its claim to a unique and differentiated approach to challenges.   To do this Holydesign utilises the stylistic elements of the logo and develops a web design from these which consists solely of triangles – the kaleidoscope design. The triangles are filled both with photos and text as well as coloured surface areas. As in a kaleidoscope, the work’s remarkable facets are reflected resulting in an overall composition featuring a constantly changing image. Overview pages consist of a colourful mixture of office life, philosophy and projects with individual details presented in the specially developed lightbox. The triangles are generated dynamically. They are aligned to a defined grid and can be configured and edited flexibly by means of a Content Management System. When displayed on mobile devices, the triangle layout adjusts itself to the width of the device: The triangles realign without any contextual correlations being lost.

  • Creative Directors Robert Hardt
  • Art Directors Robert Hardt, Niko Barrey
  • Designers Niko Barrey, Robert Hardt
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Robert Hardt
  • Programmer Christian Kussmann, Benny Schulenburg
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