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HOOP Oudt Heijn / en syn wyf

by PROUDdesign

Between life and death lies hope

This big bottle of old ale from HOOP celebrates the foundation of the small town of Zaandijk (Holland) in 1494 by Hendrick Pietersz Oudt-Heijn en syn wyf. The people of Zaandijk have since been living between life and death (so-called windmills at the borders) but fortunate enough there’s ‘HOOP’ (hope brewery) now in between.

This 525th anniversary asked for a more than special design. We brewed our famous old ale and bottled it in classical brown bottles of 750ml. Sealed with black wax as in the old days to preserve the taste and let it mature if stored.

The artisanal paper label is traditionally produced in the last remaining paper windmill worldwide called ‘de Schoolmeester’ in Westzaan, a neighbouring village. It is made from old cloth (lompen) and is the same paper as used for the declaration of independence from the US.
The irregular labels are hand printed in Zaandijk by an expert printer on an old-fashioned Heidelberg using classical printing plates for colours, embossing and foil.  

The label is printed both sides with and old map of the area on the inside, depicting the location of the old windmills and the new brewery. The outside tells us the story of Oudt Heijn ánd his wife, and has a hand numbering of the limited edition of 525 bottles per colour green, blue and yellow. Colours are intentionally mismatched with the drawings to stress the handmade feeling.

Story line:
On September 20, 1494 requested ‘Hendrick Pietersz Oudt-Heijn en syn wyf’ by the aldermen of the Banne Westzaanen to build a house on what is now the Lagedijk, where the brewery is located. This ‘building application’ is therefore the foiundation date of Zaandijk. Maybe also of the term ‘oudt wyf’? A real lady!

  • Creative Directors Steven de Cleen
  • Art Directors Joep Janssen
  • Designers Joep Janssen
  • Illustrators Joep Janssen
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Steven de Cleen
  • Printer Maurice Lensink
  • Paper Papiermolen 'de Schoolmeester'
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