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HORIZONTE No.1 - Design | Response | Ability

by studentische Initiative "horizonte"

»Horizonte« is an architectural lecture series organised and conducted by students at the Bauhaus University Weimar since 1992. Though it was not until July 2010 to release the first issue of »HORIZONTE – Zeitschrift für Architekturdiskurs«, a journal which continues topics from the lectures, carrying forward the discourse through interviews, essays and student’s works.

The first issue deals with the question of responsibility in the design fields. How much responsibility does architecture really bear in the realm of society? And how much responsibility could it possibly assume without depriving itself of productive action and accomplishment?< The design of the magazine reflects the issue’s topic by the gentle use of colour as well as a handy and economical size. To keep up the reader’s attention throughout the text-heavy journal different papers and page formats are used to create an interesting rhythm.

  • Creative Directors Michael Kraus
  • Art Directors Tobias Dahl, Patrick Martin
  • Designers Tobias Dahl, Patrick Martin
  • Illustrators Christian Rothe
  • Photographers Martin Schmidt
  • Editors David Bauer, Jonas Malzahn, Martin Schmidt
  • Copywriters
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