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Hortus Botanic Guardians

by KoeweidenPostma

Hortus Botanic Guardians – Visual identity & introduction plan

In the Netherlands there are 24 botanical gardens, each with their very own, incomparable identity. The Dutch Foundation of Botanical Gardens (NVBT) assigned us to create a logo, identity and pay-off for the joint activities of the gardens, including a campaign and introduction plan. With the objective to increase awareness of the botanical gardens and to attract more and younger visitors to the gardens and the website, and further to increase its revenues through entry fees, sponsorships, donations and bequests.

As a starting point for developing the logo we were inspired by the Fibonacci numbers which are omnipresent in nature, from the leaf arrangement in plants to the scales of a pineapple. Following the ‘Guardian’ theme, a world of coats of arms and stained glass unfolded, which lead to the kaleidoscopic, Gilbert & George-esque visual identity.

‘Hortus. Botanic Guardians’ acts as a ingredient brand for all 24 botanical gardens. A brand you can connect with. And above all a brand open for other parties. Parties that do not only sympathise, but affirm that conserving biodiversity is part of their purpose. The mockups of products with Hortus endorsement function as a discussion piece for brands to join the mission and become a Botanic Guardian as well.

  • Creative Directors Rogier Bisschop, Peter Clercx (TheBrandHotel)
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Tabi Aziri
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Yvo van Bronsvoort (TheBrandHotel), Geert Docter (Globrands: naming)
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