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Hotel Droog

by Silo

At the historical centre of Amsterdam, you will find a hospitality experience like no other. Hôtel Droog (Hotel Dry) is a place where you can come for a drink, a bite to eat, exclusive shopping, exhibitions, beauty advice, a stroll in the garden, a lecture series, or even a bed for the night. Featuring the Droog Store, Gallery, Dining Room, Fairy Tale Garden, Beauty at Cosmania, Fashion at Kabinet, Products at Weltevree, and the one and only Bedroom, Hôtel Droog is conspicuously housed in 700 square metres in a 17th century building, promising to be a new cultural home in the heart of Amsterdam. The concept of a hotel has been reversed. Whereas a hotel is usually mostly about sleeping, here Hotel Droog has enlarged and emphasized all the aspects that many hotels also offer and made them central to the hotel experience. It even has a room to sleep in! Hôtel Droog brings all of Droog’s activities under one roof —from curation to product design, exhibitions and lectures— and invites people to plug in as they choose.
Silo created a visual identity and signage system inspired by American motel signage. Bright light, color and specific forms characterize these signs along the highways. Within the identity, SILO recomposed these style elements and stripped them of all color into a contemporary, dry graphic interpretation, appropriate to the Droog brand.

  • Creative Directors René Toneman
  • Art Directors René Toneman
  • Designers René Toneman, Sjoerd Koopmans
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Sjoerd Koopmans
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