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HRG 2013 Calendar


The Napoli art group was commissioned by the HRG printing company to create an unconventional wall calendar for 2013. In collaboration with Tereza Kralova, Napoli designed a playful calendar, full of games. For each month, there is a special feature to enjoy – a board game, a carnival mask, post cards, a thaumatrop, a folding paper toy, etc. Moreover, the calendar is also devised as a sample book of a variety of technologies and possibilities offered by the HRG printing company.

  • Creative Directors Martina Kupsová / Napoli, Tereza Králová / Visualist
  • Art Directors Martina Kupsová, Tereza Králová
  • Designers Martina Kupsová, Tereza Králová
  • Illustrators NAPOLI - Martina Kupsová, Alžběta Skálová, Alžběta Zemanová
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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