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HvanA – the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences' journalism platform, Snackable content with a real bite

by Verve by Vruchtvlees

HvanA is the Hogeschool van Amsterdam’s (Amsterdam Unviersity of Applied Sciences) journalism platform created for and by students, teachers and staff, with a focus on Generation Z. For the digital design, we were inspired by the fleeting media used by this generation including Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. We translated those inspirations into a vibrant palette of colours for web and a unique font.

We captured the kinds of fast and fleeting content they’re used to in a mobile first platform. Everything you see is bold, but not loud, necessarily.

As a journalistic medium, HvanA captures the attention of web visitors with clear disruptions in design; that’s why articles have clear breaks, why you can scroll seamlessly onto the next item, and why texts are scannable. Even the videos continue to play automatically. We have created endless snacking opportunities.

The font we chose, Domain, isn’t really a web font. The sleek colour boxes and the stubborn and somewhat pompous font add to the platform’s quirkly look. Interaction, engagement and visual elements are key to the success of the HvanA, just like they are on existing online platforms used by the target group. By highlighting quotes, the online platform creates a sense of ownership and calls on its visitors to contribute in some way too.

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