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I Was A King: Isle of Yours

by Work in Progress

Isle of Yours is I Was A Kings fifth album. The band lead members are the guitarist, singers and songwriters
Frode Strømstad and Anne Lise Frøkedal. The music is categorised as indie or psychedelic pop. I Was
A King is acclaimed and much referred among musicians and have loyal followers. The fans can be divided
into two groups: The people that go the concerts and the people that would by an LP. The people at the
concert are young student, mostly female, in the age between 20-25, and the people that are buying the
record are between 25-40. So it is a very scattered target audience, but they all have the same taste in music
and both like the LP format.
Isle of Yours consist of guitar driven, melancholic pop songs. The band wish for the design to play with their
musical references and visualise the music through the use of lines creating rhythms and paths.
The album cover is an imaginary, digitally hand drawn fantasy island. It is made up of cotes that resembles
the two band members profile. The island is surrounded by water and the profiles look in opposite direction.
The first single of the album: One of Us, is a song about the loneliness one can feel also in an relationship,
and the island is a metaphor of the returning theme of the album. On the back-cover every song is represented
by an, again, digitally hand drawn fantasy island, constructing the map of the LP.
The LP was produced with a set budget, only allowing print on one side only of a standard, single pocket
vinyl jacket.

  • Creative Directors Torgeir Hjetland
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Torgeir Hjetland
  • Illustrators Torgeir Hjetland
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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