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I wish I was there — Handle with care

by Non Standard

UPO (Unidentified Paper Object) is an occasional printed matter aimed at emphasizing the work of an artist chosen by Éditions Non Standard. The UPO format remains the same (23 x 32,5 cm) but graphic design, paper(s), printing technique(s), binding vary from one issue to another. “I wish I was there” from Xenia Naselou (born in Athens in 1989) is number two. This UPO issue presents 32 photographs from Lesbos Island made in February 2017. Xenia has collected traces of refugees with intense delicassy and soberness. Two texts have been written based on the photographs and graphic design, a short essay from Frédéric Lambert and a poem from Jean Segui. The design from Rejane Dal Bello, and especially the dark river running through the pages fold, is shaking. Elodie Boyer has made this project happen.
In the end, UPO 2 is very special object, fragile and powerful, with the ability to be continuously reinvented by the reader… Photographs are randomly inserted into the UPO, the infinite crashes between text and images are a unique reading experience. Handle with care.

  • Creative Directors Elodie Boyer, Rejane Dal Bello
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Rejane Dal Bello
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Xenia Naselou
  • Editors Elodie Boyer
  • Copywriters Jean Segui, Frédéric Lambert
  • Printer LenoirSchuring (NL)
  • Binder Patist (NL)
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