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ID2 - Principi teorici e basi storiche di Information Design

by Cristina Pagnotta

ID2 is a research about Information Design and it consists in two complementary projects: 1) the editorial project 2) the multimedia project The editorial project (Information Design book): The book consists in a research about the principles and the origins of Information Design,  and is divided in four chapters: 1) Information Design: components and basic principles 2) Design and Representation: theories and taxonomies 3) Historical Interlude: from 17.000 BC to 2000 AD 4) New Technologies: case studies and interviews The multimedia project (Information Design website) The website is based on the LATCH theory by Richard Saul Wurman, and is divided in four sections: 1) Location: the history of information design told through an interactive map 2) Alphabet: an alphabetical list of people who contributed to the diffusion of information design 3) Time: the evolution of information design told through an interactive timeline 4) Category: the most discussed topics of information design Every section contains an interactive map or timeline:  interact with them to find out more information! Target and Objectives ID2 is a project dedicated to students or graphic designers who wants to increase their knowledge.  The main objective of this project is to diffuse the Information Design culture.

  • Creative Directors Cristina Pagnotta
  • Art Directors Cristina Pagnotta
  • Designers Cristina Pagnotta
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Cristina Pagnotta
  • Copywriters Cristina Pagnotta
  • Web Designer Cristina Pagnotta
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