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Identity -kit

by Thijs Verbeek grafisch ontwerp

The essence of the identity consists of two A3-size sheets: a paper and a cardboard one, perforated and printed. From these two sheets all of the stationery can be made.
From the paper sheet: writing paper quotation Invoice 3 reminders 3 continuation sheets CD envelope DL envelope
From the cardboard sheet: 5 business cards 1 business card in English 2 with compliments cards 1 blank card 1 DL envelope 1 C5 envelope 1 grey DL envelope 1 grey C5 envelope 2 labels
The envelope from the cardboard sheet can be clicked together. For the paper envelope adhesive layers have been applied. The cardboard and paper envelopes can get an additional printing for a special occasion.
The cardboard envelope can be folded with the business card facing out, or more neutrally: with the grey side facing out. In short, a lot of possibilities, but you use only what you need.
Silkscreen: Wyber zeefdruk
Print: Drukkerij Terts
Laser: ID-Laser

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