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Miscellaneous > 17.6 Student Project

I´ll kill her

by Joerg Barton

The video is an expiremental music video to the lovesong ?I´ll kill her? of the french singer SoKo. I visualized the feelings and dreams of the singer who sings in this song about her failed love and her broken dream. Inspired by the branch-like look of neurons which play an important part in all kind of thinking activity the bad feelings and the hate of the singer are visualized by limb like graphics, in contrast to this the good ones by ornamental shapes and flowers.

  • Creative Directors Joerg Barton
  • Art Directors Joerg Barton
  • Designers Joerg Barton
  • Illustrators Joerg Barton
  • Photographers Joerg Barton
  • Editors Joerg Barton
  • Copywriters
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