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Illustrations for TUNCO

by TRY Apt

Since 2015, Tunco has served delicious Asian-inspired noodle dishes to the people of Oslo. For the entrepreneurs behind Tunco, it has always been an important premise that the food should be sustainable, made from good ingredients and with integrity. Tunco has fine cuisine quality, but at street food prices.

The restaurant has built up a conscious and committed fan base, but over the years they’ve faced brand challenges as they’re looking to expanding. They had an identity that was too anonymous and neither played along with their food nor captured people’s interest beyond their niche target group.

When the pandemic set in around March and large parts of the restaurant industry were forced to close, Tunco took the opportunity to redesign their identity, website, premises and to start fresh with a new set of recipes. The identity needed to reflect and signal Tunco’s reimagined taste universe in a way that set them apart from your typical run-of-the-mill ecological restaurant concepts.

We developed the concept Trippy Cuisine – A Food Journey
The new identity plays on the link between food and sensory impressions. It works as a translation of how a meal, or new taste can create transcendent experiences and take you on a journey. The characteristic illustrations are interpretations of ingredients and flavor combinations. The color palette and photo style were developed as a nod to Asian cuisine, without tying itself to any singular origin.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Andreas Bjørkeng Sogn, Bendik Høibraaten
  • Illustrators Robin Snasen Rengård (byHands)
  • Photographers Tommy Andresen
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Food Stylist Mette Mortensen
  • Project Manager Marie Skaaja Sandegren
  • Design Advisor Tonje Jæger
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