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Publication > 11.3 Artistic Catalogue

Imprenta Real. Fonts of Spanish Typography

by Sanchez/Lacasta

Catalogue Raisonnée of the Exhibition: The Origins and Evolution of Spanish Typography.

The importance of the book itself as an entity at the service of authoritative knowledge is revealed by the quality of the papers used, the binding techniques in place and the presence of the unfolding dust jacket that, while protecting the cover, becomes a poster and sampler at once.

Typography: its visual and symbolic value, its capacity to sculpt contents, to structure and identify. It is the guide we follow in our study and interpretation of fascinating centuries-old tracks.

  • Creative Directors Sanchez/Lacasta
  • Art Directors Sanchez/Lacasta
  • Designers Sanchez/Lacasta
  • Illustrators Illustrators
  • Photographers Photographers
  • Editors Editors
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