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In Vitro Meat Cookbook

by Next Nature Network

Hello meat lovers, hello vegetarians! We need to talk about the future of meat. With the world’s population expected to reach nine billion people by 2050, it becomes impossible to produce and consume meat like we do today. In vitro meat, grown from cells in a laboratory, could provide a sustainable and animal-friendly alternative. Yet, before we can decide if we are willing to eat in vitro, we must explore the new food culture it will bring us.
The In Vitro Meat Cookbook presents 45 recipes that explore and visualize what in vitro meat products might be on our plate one day through the genre of design fiction. The recipes move beyond inferior fake-meat replacements into the creative prospects that emerge with the technology. The recipes are visualized through detailed detailed pen-drawings and photographs, which offers the reader multiple visual perspectives on the same concepts. In addition to the recipes the book features infographics, three critical essays by scientists and an interview with professor Mark Post, who presented the world’s first lab-grown hamburger in 2013.
As in vitro meat is still being developed you cannot cook the recipes just yet, however, they will provide abundant food for thought and discussion on the future of meat. Design for debate!
Initiated and developed by the Next Nature Network 2013–2014
Published by BIS publishers 2014

  • Creative Directors Koert van Mensvoort
  • Art Directors Hendrik-Jan Grievink
  • Designers Hendrik-Jan Grievink
  • Illustrators Silvia Celiberti
  • Photographers Nichon Glerum
  • Editors Alessia Andreotti
  • Copywriters
  • Styling Francesca Barchiesi
  • Modeling Jonathon Markowski
  • Recipes Alison Guy
  • Layout Lotte Biesheuvel
  • Project Management Mir Wermuth
  • Translation Loes Deutekom
  • Production Tim Hoogesteger
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