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by Dana Dijkgraaf Design

In4nite is the experimental platform of Low & Bonar on which they invite designers to develop products or concepts with their unique material Colback. The outcome is presented in the form of an exhibition at the Dutch Design Week. The Dutch Design Week is the biggest design event in Northern Europe that presents work and ideas of more than 2600 designers to more than 300,000 visitors from home and abroad. For the project In4nite, I made the graphic design (booklet, flyers, signing etc.) and also a movie, that was shared online to promote the project and the exhibition. The booklets were available for free at the exhibition for people to take with them.

Colback (which comes normally in black and white) is a non-woven textile that consists of many yarns. The textile is used in a lot of different products: carpets, in car furniture and much more. When it is used, you never see it, it is always covered under a layer of something else. With the project in4nite, designers are invited to create new products where Colback is an important visual element.

In the booklet, the photography in it and the other expressions like signing and the campaign video, the colored cardboard tube plays an important role. This cardboard tube is the spool of the Colback yarn, before it becomes textile. A lot of spools are needed at the same time, to make the non woven textile. The cardboard tubes used for the yarn, have different colors. These are color codes, that are bound to different types of yarn to help the factory workers recognize its composition. I discovered these spools in a trash container in the Colback factory. With this residual waste we have built mega-sized typography for the campaign video, and we used it as props in the photography and on the cover of the booklet.
The colored cardboard tube refers to the origin of Colback itself, the tube that the product needs to become a textile: it holds the yarn. The tube itself forms a visually attractive element for the project. The way I have given the tube this kind of role in the project, fits with the project very well. For me, it is a wonderful metaphor for the question asked to the designer. To create something with just one simple material, Colback. That is where it all began for every designer, at the pure base of one and the same material.

For the booklet I made small abstract illustrations of the tubes that mark the designer. In the booklet, every designer participating in In4nite 2018 is represented on 2 pages (one stylistic photo of the research, one with text and an illustration of their final product). Every designer has its own color code drawn on ‘small tubes’, just like the different kind of yarns in the facory. In the photography that I have done with Dutch photographer Barbara Medo, we have used fluor red paper in the background. Because of this, I have used this in a PMS color next to the CMYK offset print. It gives the publication a more pronounced and sparkling appearance. For the typography I have used the legible Helvetica Neue, and I have used a dot font for the title. The custom made ‘inverted dot’ typography on the black background refers to the way a yarn is made. The yarn that is made for Colback, consists of a core and a shell. Like these letters. As cherry on the cake, on every booklet, a small piece of white Colback is sewn on the cover. It is silk screened with fluor red ink, and attached with fluor red yarn.

Colback knows many sorts of applications, but it also used to make filters. A filter is made of pleated Colback. With this fact as a inspiration, and because of the outspoken and dynamic visual end result, I have made a ‘pleated’ publication. In the publication that you can lay flat, browse through, or put on the table that it stands up, you get a vibrant and bright panorama of images. On the images you will find images that present the research fase of the designers. It is filled with playful tests, experiments and first elements of the final products in a dynamic way (no photoshop involved in any of the flying objects). In the core of the booklet, you can find a stack of card with the photography of the final products. These cards were also at the exhibition to give away, as a kind of flyer for every designer. The proces and the experiment is a very important element in the In4nite project.

The beautiful cardboard tubes are a by-product of the Colback production process and therefore residual waste. Finding this tubes in the factory, was like finding a pearl in the open ocean. Serendipity on a higher level.

The target audience: (potential) visitors of the in4nite exhibition, visitors of the Dutch Design Week (art & design lovers), press (art & design magazines, bloggers), potential clients for Low & Bonar in the textile industry, product designers.

  • Creative Directors Dana Dijkgraaf
  • Art Directors Dana Dijkgraaf
  • Designers Dana Dijkgraaf
  • Illustrators Dana Dijkgraaf
  • Photographers Barbara Medo (portfolio and campaign photography) & Dana Dijkgraaf
  • Editors Dana Dijkgraaf
  • Copywriters Sabine Winters
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