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Inselhalle Lindau

by Saegenvier DesignKommunikation

To the Lake, to the City
The Inselhalle Lindau with an adjoining multi-storey car park is a congress and event location situated between Lake Constance and the historic old town of the island. The flexible space miracle has been fundamentally modernised and generously rebuilt and rolls out the red carpet: 3 halls, 12 conference rooms, 46 variants, for up to 2,000 participants.
Our orientation system combines signage with scenography: formally we reflect the architecture of Auer Weber, narratively we associate the remarkable island topography of Lindau.
Copper dress
The Island Hall as well as the parking garage are directed towards the Lake and Theresia-von-Bayern Square. The eye-catching building facades are immediately the focus of attention: irregularly folded, partly perforated copper covers produce a shimmering, intensive ambience of light and shadow. 
In terms of design, we move in exchange with the ensemble: the geometrically typography, derived from the roof, elegantly harmonizes with the materials used. In the tarnish protection we quote the rhythm of the facade, in the parking garage we guide the visitors by the use of copper coloured graphics. 
Meet & greet
We developed the typography, a template font, from the drone perspective of the angular roof surface geometry. Halls 1, 2, and 3 form the core of the new Inselhalle. The typography is milled out of oak panels and completed with LED light that is hightlighted if a specific room is to be displayed.
Upstairs, downstairs
In the large foyer, a staircase leads down to the lounge, conference rooms, and wardrobe in the basement. We use the ceiling surface to signalize the way clearly – as a kind of urban guiding fresco across the heads of the visitors.
Noble names
Since 1951, the annual Nobel Laureate Conference has been an international forum for scientific exchange. The rooflight trapeze in the foyer serves to document and acknowledge excellent researchers. Their names read like a who’s who of personalities from medicine, physics, and chemistry.
Scene of the parking 
Copper shades on concrete for wall paintings, lettering, and floor markings give the strict functionality a warm touch. The naive wall paintings illustrate, scenographically ascending, the island position of Lindau: underwater world/UG, navigation/EG, treetops/OG1, roofs/OG2 and Sky/OG3. 

  • Creative Directors Sigi Ramoser
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Elias Riedmann
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Darko Todorovic
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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