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Jam pedals

by Beetroot Design Group

It has been more than 10 years since Jam Pedals took their first tentative steps. Today, ready to risk and evolve, they are repositioning their brand while preserving their “handmade, hand-painted and meticulously inspected” character that turned them into a mainstay in their market.
Jam Pedals is a company that develops and manufactures effect pedals for electric guitars, covering a very wide range of musicians’ effect needs and style of guitar playing. With more than ten years of experience in their field, this small homemade brand has rightfully and unanimously earned a place among the best effect pedals makers in the world.
Analog music in a digital world. A raw, timeless, bold and wild aesthetic with custom typography, a refreshing color palette and high-energy, humorous illustrations. The Jam Pedals packaging reflects the actual product inside, i.e. it looks like the pedals themselves, with a typography that follows the sound produced by each pedal and strategically placed illustrations. The pedals’ info-brochures become part of the overall packaging, labeling and differentiating each product. The containers are designed to reveal which pedal is inside by exposing part of the info-brochure. External boxes are the same for all pedals in each category but are differentiated by the brochure information and the different circular cutouts removed from the top, which mark each pedal’s knobs.


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