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Jardin de Lumière

by Bonjour lab

Jardin de Lumière is a multi-sensory and interactive Persian rug, coming to life under the footsteps of the visitors. Commissioned by Auditoire Paris for Qatar Museum, this piece is a collaboration with the artist Ghada Al Khater and exhibited at La Nuit Blanche 2020, Paris, Champs Elysées.

Visitors will find traditional motifs intertwined with the flora and fauna populating the Persian carpet. A poetic experience between heritage and modernity. Each time the user walk on the rug, the fauna and flora comes to life in a unique way. Our wish was really to make people stay on the site not only to enjoy the experience but also the atmosphere. The experience could not be complete without an immersive sound environment and typical scents that can be found in Qatar.
The fragrance, diffused through the ground was specially designed by Ghada AL Khater for this occasion. It instinctively call the user to the installation.

The sound dimension is also very important to the immersion. In the distance, the users can hear Fjiri, a traditional song which was also used as a call. To better immerse oneself, once on site, in a typical, natural but also almost amniotic atmosphere, the music uses pulsating electronic consonants. We recorded and collected natural sounds and traditional elements that we assemble to create a sound environment that alternates between reverie and travel in the first act and also an immersion in nature in the second.

  • Creative Directors Ghada Al Khater (artist), Jean-Philippe Jacquot (Bonjour Lab), Benjamin Menager (Bonjour Lab), Alexandre Rivaux (Bonjour Lab)
  • Art Directors Benjamin Ménager, Alexandre Rivaux
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Stephane Aït Ouarab, Julya Baisson
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Commissioned by (and technical support) Auditoire Paris
  • Realt time software development Alexandre Rivaux
  • 3D assets design Lagoon Studio, Florian Coppier
  • Lidar interactivity Nokinomo
  • A/V support Fosphor
  • Sound design Jean-Philippe Jacquot
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