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K: KafKa in KomiKs


„K: KafKa in KomiKs“ translates the ambiguity and plasticity of Kafka’s work, the melting of realistic and nightmare visions, in the context of an exhibition. Gold & Wirtschaftswunder created this exhibition using excerpts of the Graphic Novels „Das Schloss“ illustrated by french illustrator Chantal Montellier, „Der Prozess“ illustrated by czech Jaromìr 99 and excerpts from „Introducing Kafka“ by American comic pioneer Robert Crumb. The staging goes far beyond only showing plain images. It combines physical objects with audiovisual environments and thus creates a sensual experience of the profound world of Franz K.
This traveling exhibition was curated by audio play director David Zane Mairowitz und Małgorzata Zerwe. Initiated was the whole project by Literaturhaus Stuttgart. It has been shown in Stuttgart (Germany), Salzburg (Austria), next stops will be Prague (Czech Republic) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) (tbc).

  • Creative Directors Gold & Wirtschaftswunder
  • Art Directors Julia Kühne, Christian Schiller
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers die arge lola
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Curators David Zane Mairowitz, Małgorzata Zerwe
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