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Promotion > 12.2 Poster Series


by Studio AIRPORT

Design a campaign (based on the existing visual identity) for the 1 year anniversary of Kapitaal. The whole city needs to know Kapitaal is celebrating.

About Kapitaal
Kapitaal is a dynamic platform in Utrecht (the Netherlands) which combines a graphic craft workshop, flexible workspaces, lectures, a shop and a variety of events. A place where people can work for free, create new things and inspire each other. A place for young designers, musicians, writers, artists, managers, entrepreneurs, critics, researchers and anyone culturally interested.

After one year Kapitaal is already a well known name in Utrecht. What can we do to get attention for a place like this where so many designers are involved in?

For the one year anniversary we asked 40 young designers, who did something together with or for Kapitaal in the last year, to answer the question “What is the value of Kapitaal?”. (Kapitaal in Dutch means: fortune & uppercase). Each designer created a poster as their answer. The posters were silkscreen printed by hand in the workshop of Kapitaal. Together the 40 posters formed an exhibition during the anniversary festival.  The week before the festival all the designers went out on the streets to bring the exhibition outdoors as a promotional campaign. During one week the posters were visible throughout the whole city.

The Design
The first layer was designed and printed by the 40 designers. They had no restrictions except for the size (70x50cm) and colour (red or blue, the identity colours of Kapitaal). When the first layer was done a second layer was printed over the design.

The second layer is designed by our studio, based on the visual identity we created a year ago. The dynamic ‘K’ forms a frame in which everything can happen. In this case ”the visual answers” of the 40 designers. We also displayed the festival information like location and time. The colour is always the opposite of the first layer. The second layer was only used for the posters on the street as announcement, for the indoor exhibition we only used the first layer to give more attention to the personal designs.

Together the series of 40 silkscreen-printed posters form an exhibition and a campaign at the same time. The result is a symbol for which Kapitaal stands for: Build an open community for creative entrepreneurs in Utrecht and connect them with each other. 

The production and execution is done by the team of designers within Kapitaal’s workshop. People worked for weeks together to silkscreen print around 1600 posters. The minimalistic visual language and the rebellious approach is a statement against average commercial poster campaigns. By giving this project attention not only Studio AIRPORT but also 40 young, upcoming designers will get recognition for their work. 

Concept and design team
Studio AIRPORT is co-founder of Kapitaal and is responsible for its visual communication and concept of the campaign as well for the visual identity. This project is accomplished through great teamwork with Kapitaal and the 40 designers. 

  • Creative Directors Studio AIRPORT
  • Art Directors Studio AIRPORT
  • Designers Aart-Jan Venema, Allan René, Arti Lammert, Bram Broerse, Bruno Visser, Debbie Simons, Else van Wulfften Palthe, Guido de Boer, Guido Puijk, Hans Schuttenbeld, HeyHeyHey, Hoax, Jan-Pieter Karper, Jeroen van Loon, Jimme Bakker, Job Derksen, Joost Stokhof, Julian Wassenaar,, Lyanne Tonk, Lucie Pindat, Manon Kersten, Manon Rugge, Maurits Wouters, Nick Liefhebber, Niek Pronk, Peter Stoop, Peter van Dijk, Pieter-Frank de Jong, Roos Haasjes, Roosmarijn ten Hoopen, Rutger de Vries, Sebastiaan van Weelden, Studio Duel, Studio Zijspan, Suus Hesseling, Ted Struwer, Thomas van der Vlis, Timo Demollin, The Garlic Myth, Vincent de Boer, Wilfred van der Weide.
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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