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Promotion > 12.2 Poster Series

Kino na Granicy

by Bohdan Kofila Heblík

I created visual style for the 12th annual film festival Kino na granicy (Cinema on the border). The main motive was a line – border. It is not about one poster but about a system that works only with a line on every visual. The whole graphic style is accompanied with the words: “Imagine a movie strip of the length of Czech-Poland border. Projection of such a movie would last for 462 hours.”

  • Creative Directors Bohdan Heblik
  • Art Directors Bohdan Heblik
  • Designers Bohdan Heblik
  • Illustrators Bohdan Heblik
  • Photographers
  • Editors Bohdan Heblik
  • Copywriters Bohdan Heblik
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