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KOMETA Architecture Studio

by Transformer Studio

Architects tend to avoid any graphics except that of their own projects, so nothing could distract the viewer from the work itself. This noble approach is the reason most of the architecture firms look the same in terms of visual identity. While also facing these constraints in our collaboration with KOMETA Architecture Studio, we wanted their identity to have a certain character and a proper symbol.

KOMETA, a comet in Russian, is a metaphor for a creative idea that lights the way and inspires in the midst of information overload of a day-to-day architecture practice. As we live in the age of information with so many data and distractions, it is crucial to remain mindful of this idea, so as not to lose it throughout the course of the project.

We turned to the notion of ‘firmware’, the root program that is built into computers prior to anything else is installed. We recreated the Code page 437, the original character set that is used in computer’s firmware. The visual identity as a whole is embedded in this character set, there is not a single graphic element beyond that. The rough aesthetic of a pre-graphic interface contrasts with beautiful images of the studio’s work.

The logo, a radically reduced image of a comet, is simply a string of characters as well. And it behaves just as such: when shrunk, characters wrap to another line. It is an example of how a distinctive symbol can be made with such limited tools.

The result is a thorough text-only identity with lots of character(s) in it.

  • Creative Directors Transformer Studio
  • Art Directors Nikita Melnikov
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