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Kometen der Anderen Bibliothek

by Die Andere Bibliothek

Die Andere Bibliothek has been described as the “most beautiful book series in the world” (Die Zeit). The series was initiated in 1984 by Hans Magnus Enzensberger and Franz Greno, and since then one limited-edition volume has been published each month. Under the name of “Kometen” (comets) Die Andere Bibliothek with its new director Christian Döring has launched another series in 2013: luxury-bound editions featuring shorter texts as well as new or rediscovered works – true to the founder’s motto “Luxury will stay what it always used to be: the eternal opponent of uniformity” (Hans Magnus Enzensberger). The series “Kometen” has been designed by Friedrich Forssman and Cornelia Feyll. Forssman’s starting point was to link in to the work of the master typographer Franz Greno, whom he much admires. He used a classicist typeface (but brand new one – Ingeborg by Michael Hochleitner), line elements (not thick-thin, but dotted) and in general was exuberant with historic elements. The strong coloration comes from his wife, the textile designer Cornelia Feyll. With this repertoire it was possible to design a series that holds strongly together, one in which the individual volumes are not stereotyped but look like individually designed productions. So far, three volumes of the “Kometen”-series have been published: “Glas. Eine Kunst” (Glass. A piece of art) by Patricia Görg, “Nolde und ich. Ein Südseetraum” (Nolde and I. A dream of the South Seas) by Hans Christoph Buch and “Richter und Narr” (Judge and Fool) by Vladimir Jabotinsky. Three more volumes will be released in spring 2014. The luxury of the series includes: flaps, embossing on the cover, a spine that is not glued to the book block, a book marker and thread-stitching with coloured threads. Munken Premium by Arctic Paper was used for the inside paper – Lakepaper Blocker perfect white by Gmund for the book cover.

  • Creative Directors Friedrich Forssman, Cornelia Feyll
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Friedrich Forssman, Cornelia Feyll
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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