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Krafted furniture company


How does a small furniture company focusing on craftsmanship show their clients the value of their products? We wanted to do this by showcasing that the process, good planning, and discussions are part of a great result. The Krafted logo starts at the first meeting with the client, meeting around the table in the office, and as Krafted produces tables, chairs and other objects to put on the table, what would be more natural than mirroring this in their logo. The logo works as a living object, as different clients ask for different projects the placement of the letter chairs is constantly in a creative space leaving a subtle mark of the people who have been talking around our table. The concept of the logo is used as a starting point on how the rest of the identity. Letters in headlines are seen as moveable and the table line is used to box or highlight important messaging.

  • Creative Directors Kjetil Wold
  • Art Directors Kjetil Wold
  • Designers Vivi-Ann Slaatsveen
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Jens Haugen, Magnus Vanem
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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