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Krakow Film Festival 2017 Identification

by No Company

With respect to the Festival’s documentary origins, for the last seven years we have been building its ID around the core idea of representing the festivals realm rather than creating a parallel fantasy around it. Each year by studying the amazing variety of both the accepted films and their collateral materials we were able to design the campaigns using only the received. From dialogue lines to original movie titles, from plain character portraits to adjacent film frames we have represented the festival with its content, the characters, their stories, their words, their images. Turning away from what is obvious and towards what is true last year we invited the audience to participate, and after selecting a group of non-professionals, asked them to draw their favourite movie industry persona using a pencil. As a result a collection of heartwarming, funny, naive, true, stunning, bad and dysfunctional images was created. What stood out was the courage of the authors to go beyond their comfort zone. What drove them was their love for the cinema. The city`s space filled with the personal images was received as a non-public and rather private arena where bypassers would feel free to join in and add another image or a comment. The campaign instigated various debates regarding the dominance of a professionalised visual language and undermined its necessity. It also put under question the principals of ownership and authorship within the public space.

  • Creative Directors Jakub de Barbaro, Kuba Sowinski
  • Art Directors Jakub de Barbaro, Kuba Sowinski
  • Designers Jakub de Barbaro, Kuba Sowinski
  • Illustrators Anonymous
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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