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Kudu Coffee

by BOB Studio

KUDU Coffee Roasters is an expert company of premium quality coffee based in Greece. They got established in the market pretty soon, so they decided to renew their image in order to look premium, tasteful, modern, dynamic and to expand in other countries.
Our goal was to create a brand with the intensity of coffee, using the name (which refers to the African antelope) as a key feature of the brand identity to be widely recognizable and dynamic.
Simplicity, rough primitive aesthetics and flexibility were our basic design features.
We created a handmade logo, designing each letter uniquely and approaching it with purity and inimitability as if one would write it primitively on a wall, trying to capture an idea.
The last U was designed to symbolize African Antelope Kudu in the same primitive way that makes it unique as a symbol and absolutely part of the identity. Rest of the packaging follows the same direction, it’s very intense in terms of branding but very simple with a twist, that of different color labels which make it vivid and modern, and a very dynamic display.

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