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Kunsthalle Mannheim

by Moniteurs Communication Design GmbH

Mannheim has a new art hall. With the new building, gmp Architekten realized
the architectural idea of the “city in the city”. In anal­ogy to the space-form­ing el­e­ments of the city – house and block, street and square – var­ied tours through closed and open spaces with al­ter­nat­ing views are cre­ated for the vis­i­tors. Moniteurs was commissioned for the analog and digital visitor guidance system and for the initial graphic equipment of the exhibitions in cooperation with OH Studio, responsible for interior design. In terms of design, the wayfinding system fits into the architecture of the Kunsthalle, thereby significantly supporting the identity of the building and carrying it naturally into the last corner of the building.
Based on the architecture, we have developed several decisive design features: big but not too big; easy to read; directly on the wall, not on a support; framed – pure, clear, direct. The architectural grid is adapted to a unit suitable for the wayfinding system and serves as the basis for arrangement and order. This imaginary grid holds the graphic information steady. It can also be found again on the facade in the mesh. The mesh that characterises the entire building is the first thing the visitor sees from the museum, and from there we take the mesh into the museum.

  • Creative Directors Sibylle Schlaich
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Anne von Borries, Anita Meier, Jennifer Reidow
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Stefan Schilling
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Interior design OH studio
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