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la Repubblica

by Gruppo Espresso - la Repubblica

La Repubblica is one of the leading Italian newspapers, founded in 1976 by Eugenio Scalfari. On November 2017 it introduced an extensive redesign. The changes reach into every part of the newspaper, through thoughtful content, new navigation elements, reinvented specialist sections making more space for analysis and commentary and three new custom type families by Commercial Type. On the front page there is a new design element, a narrow column head dedicated to powerful ‘ideas’ and critique. This device recurs throughout the newspaper’s opening sections. Vertically set section heads echo this.
La Repubblica’s redesign makes better use of white space, with fewer images per page, while boldly setting illustrative infographics across double page spreads. The design follows the concern of daily’s editorial director Mario Calabresi. A printed newspaper must differentiate itself from the web by offering readers material for reflection, analysis and perspective, rather instant ‘snack’ information. ‘A newspaper today makes sense if it exists to explain contexts,’ declares Calabresi, ‘if it digs into the root of problems, if it explains the consequences of news and possible solutions.’
New typefaces by Commercial Type are a key element of La Repubblica’s redesign. The newspaper’s body text is Eugenio, a Bodoni-esque Modern reminiscent of the newspaper’s original typeface. Commercial Type’s Paul Barnes and Christian Schwartz have designed three type families: Eugenio Serif, Eugenio Text and a crisp Eugenio Sans. Other details include a redrawing of La Repubblica’s logotype, which had not changed since the newspaper was founded in 1976.

  • Creative Directors Angelo Rinaldi, Francesco Franchi
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