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Landjäger Magazin

by Christian Feurstein

Landjäger Magazin is a independent small magazine from Austria. Founded in the rural outskirts of Vorarlberg we build up a huge network of creatives and writers all over europe. Connecting those potentials from all over the place to one specific topic. Each issue deals with a theme which is free to interpret from the creatives and writers. In Landjäger headquaters in Schwarzenberg and Vienna we bring all together and create 4 magazines a year. 2 “normal” ones format 21 x 28 in pure black & white and 2 special issues which differ in format, color and style. We see our magazine more as a project and a great place for young upcoming creatives being published and giving them a plattform.

  • Creative Directors Christian Feurstein, Martin Fetz
  • Art Directors Christian Feurstein
  • Designers Christian Feurstein
  • Illustrators Florian Bayer, Fabienne Feltus, Stefanie Hilgarth, Katharina Ralser, Samuel Bell, Omar Hraib, Sharmila Banerjee, G&V, Anna Hilti, la robotique, Claudia Larcher
  • Photographers David Schreyer, Gersin Livia Paya, Marlena König, Roswitha Natter, Sebastian Freudenschuss, Josef Gassebner, JAkob Gsöllpointner, Frederick Haase, Tiziana Condito, Trixi Kovats, Darko Todorovic, Lina Herold
  • Editors Martin Fetz, Christian Feurstein, Elisabeth Breidenbrücker, Sven Matt, Robert Hiller, Peter Rüscher, Anja Kaufmann
  • Copywriters Austrofred, Robert Rüf, Florian Waldner, Pia-Maria Bach, Michaela Bilgeri, Tobi Degenhardt, Thomas Fink, Gunter Fetz, Ronald Jenny, Stefan Meier, Jürgen Pucher, Björn Matt, Johannes Scheuz, Tobias Maximilian Schnell, Lisa Rümmele,Andreas Feuerstein, Alois Gstöttner, Wolfgang Pennwieser
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