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Langenbachhof 1813

by designconcepts

Amidst the mountainous Black Forest landscape lies the Langenbachhof, a traditional farmhouse that, after decades of neglect, has undergone a meticulous and profound transformation back to its original state. Deliberately simple and ascetic, the new old Langenbachhof is not your regular weekend getaway. The visitor finds a truly unique place that offers tranquility and concentration as a temporary retreat from the fast-paced world.
The visual identity reflects the rigorous order of the Black Forest farmhouse where every thing has its place and its function. The lowercase word mark states the year of construction and that’s as much embellishment as the traditionally taciturn mountain folks allow themselves. Both reduced and quietly elegant, the typography gives room for images of the austere beauty and stunning love for craftsmanship that went into the renewal.

  • Creative Directors Uli Nocke
  • Art Directors Tobias Krotz
  • Designers Simon Bassler
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Benjamin Schmidt
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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