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by Great Apes

Lapland and northern Finland are among the world’s last wildernesses. Travellers can experience this region with modern infrastructure and a wide range of services. But not many travellers know this. In 2011 a project ”Lapland – The North of Finland” was launched to raise awareness about this No ordinary region. In fall 2012 we wanted to awaken interest among our core target group – Modern Humanists – who are 15 per cent of the global tourist market and are active users of digital channels. But what would be interesting enough to get their attention?
During the wintertime, the Northern Lights are an unforgettable sight – something everyone should experience at least once. To give people a taste of our No ordinary region, we created an application that not only showcases this phenomenon but brings the Northern Lights to their fingertips! 
more detailed case study at: http://greatapes.fi/entries/laplication/

  • Creative Directors Sami Kelahaara / SEK & Grey
  • Art Directors Sami Kelahaara, Niko Sipilä, Mika Mäkinen
  • Designers Niko Sipilä, Mika Mäkinen
  • Illustrators Mika Mäkinen
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Suvi Lähde / SEK & GREY
  • Account Director Laura Mertano / SEK
  • Strategist Sami Lanu / SEK
  • Advertising Agency SEK
  • Project Coordination Mikko Sairio
  • Developers Mikko Saario, Antti Kaukinen
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