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Las Naves. Signs for a social innovation center

by Estudio Menta

Las Naves is the innovation center of the city of Valencia; a public entity, which comes under the City Council, that promotes urban and social innovation.
However, part of its work is unknown by the public. Las Naves is now making an effort to communicate those initiatives that have a direct influence on the neighborhoods and the life of Valencian population. So, the institution has started a global branding project in order to renewing its space and its corporate identity so the citizens know its work.

We were in charge of designing the new visual identity to enhance the communication at this new stage.

We propose a dynamic, colorful and flexible visual system. In this new graphic identity, illustrations –both geometric and figurative– , colour, type, textures and patterns are mixed up in a sort of multi-layer system. The idea behind this concept is to create a system that could adapt depending on the communicative situation and the target audience.
The space is a part of this identity and has a great communicative force. For this reason, it was mandatory, to rethink the whole sign board system and the identity applications.

Following the approach of visual identity, the space had to communicate the same values: dynamism, color, modernity, closeness and adaptability.
The space is made up of two identical adjoining buildings that needed clear signage so the visitor would know where they were at any time.
Both buildings are shared between different entities and associations, so the signage of each space was vital for the proper functioning of the buildings. The main entrance is located in one of the two existing buildings, and we remarked this with a yellow painted metal portico with the motto “People innovating for people”.

The whole solution generates a space that invites citizens to approach and get to know the urban and social innovation center.

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