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Latini Olive Oil

by Studio Tumpić/Prenc

Latini is a brand of olive oil from Istria, an Adriatic region of Croatia that Flos Olei, a guidebook, has declared the world’s best place to grow olives for each of the last five years. To link Latini olive oil to this area, we tell the story of Tone, an ancestor of the company’s founders. A Croat who in the 1880s worked in olive groves in Istria that were owned by Italians known as “Latini,” Tone once received a checkered shirt for a day’s wages. The fine garment, then a rare sight in the area’s villages, earned his family the nickname Latini.
Tone’s descendents came to own their own olive groves in Istria, and they now produce premium oil under the name Latini to honor their colorful, beloved ancestor. We decided to evoke this story by designing our label to resemble a checkered shirt, thereby “dressing up” the bottle as a sort of portrait of the man himself. Text on a card tucked into the label’s “shirt pocket” tells the story of the Latini family behind the product. This connects the family’s distinctive history to its venerable cultivation of a delicious craft olive oil.
The pocket itself was created by leaving a rectangular piece of cellulose paper glued onto the back of the label, thus preventing it from sticking to the bottle. The tag is then inserted into the pocket, ready to be uncovered.


  • Creative Directors Anselmo Tumpić
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Anton Licul Grk
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Account Director Sara Prenc Opačić
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