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Le Sablier


Diptyque is a famous Parisian perfumer’s house since 1961, with an international fame.
An innovation for a new object typologie.
The Diptyque’ hourglass is a unique object of perfume diffusion for indoor use.
Non electric, with no heat contribution or any other substances, to maintain it’s olfactive authenticity and quality, it works with liquid perfumes. The fragrances are developped from Diptyque’s usual fragrances. Thus it is a perfect alternative to candle, incense, perfume lamp… 
the Glass is to respect the best, the fragrance and that is based on a real patented technical innovation. This new process, invented by the design studio works by gravity and capillarity. The perfume, with a drip soaks by capillarity into central lock where from it evaporates in the room.
As for classic hourglass, every reversal starts a cycle.
A new use of the perfume.
Compact and pleasant to take in hand, the hourglass is easily transportable to perfume the house. The originality and the simplicity of it’s functioning makes it an intuitive and immediately understandable object. The reference to the archetype of the hourglass allows an innate use.
Already filled glass-refills, screw on the product when the first one finished. Several perfumes are available, representing Dyptique’s unique Know-how.
Completely hermetic, it represent a high degree of safety compared with all the alternatives home perfumes.
Object as visual as olfactive.
The perfume becomes a visual representation. The drop gives rythme to the diffusion. The perfume that reveals our olfative memories, takes a magical and poetic dimension.
The hourglass was designed in a responsable and ethical spirit.
The Diptyque hourglass is a long-lasting object due ti its purely mechanical and simple design, remote from contemporary technologies. Every refill last a few months. Requiring no particular contribution or energy, it creates no waste nor a harmful combustion. The hourglass needs nos specific maintenance or attention. It was thought in a concern of economy of material and consists completely of recyclable and resistant materials. The refill bulbs can be taken back in shop.

  • Creative Directors Sébastien SERVAIRE
  • Art Directors Sébastien SERVAIRE
  • Designers Candido DE BARROS
  • Illustrators Juliette LAVAT
  • Photographers Arnaud GUFFON
  • Editors Gilles CAILLET
  • Copywriters
  • Designer Erwan PIVERT
  • Graphism Justine HENNETTE DAUCHEZ
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