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Legends of Benin

by Sosumi

The music label „Anlalog Africa“ is looking for Africa’s musical „jewels“ of the 1970s. All pieces found have one thing in common: they take the most diverse genres of the African Diaspora and combine them so as to create a novel sound. Traditional meets Funk, Latin and Blues.
This new model unites the demands of modern production with the charm of long gone times. The imagery for the projects quite often constituted as little as tattered photographs and bus tickets in a dented biscuit box given as a loan to the project by the musician. Retouching of the imagery was not even an issue and the focus was centred on the subject of „patina“. The arrangements abide by the character of the original material and perpetuate aesthetics of printed matters stemming from that time. The delicate and detailed composing within prodigious pictorial spheres as well as various interviews and surprising music invite us to take a journey to a yet unknown Africa of the 1970s.

With the publication of “Legends of Benin” the label boss Samy Ben Redjeb shows that Africa was at the forefront of the funk movement in the 1970s. The musicians El Rego Et Ses Commandos, Antoine Dougbé, Honoré Avolonto & L’Orchestra Black Santiago, Gnonnas Pedro Et Ses Dadjes mixed traditional african styles such Cavacha and Agbadja with funk, Afrobeat, Latin, Psychedelic. And by so doing created a parallel musical universe.

The project includes a 44-site CD booklet, slipcase digipack, poster and a double LP with printed sleeves.

  • Creative Directors Petra Schröder, Dirk von Manteuffel
  • Art Directors Petra Schröder, Dirk von Manteuffel
  • Designers Petra Schröder, Dirk von Manteuffel
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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