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Leica M

by G2 Kommunikationsagentur GmbH, G2 Frankfurt / G2 Germany

Since the mid-1920s the M-series has represented the soul of Leica, and every new M sparks intense anticipation. With the M9, the stakes were even higher: it would either confirm that Leica had missed the digital boat or answer the Leica fan’s prayers.

So, to powerfully demonstrate that the M9’s performance sets new benchmarks without losing one gram of its noble ancestors’ authenticity, we established a clean, reduced design that acts as a stage for the (much more important) story: a classic M-style documentary assignment exploring a day in the life of an amateur boxer in Havana.

  • Creative Directors Anita Stoll, Felix Dürichen
  • Art Directors Sabine Brinkmann
  • Designers Sabine Brinkmann
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Maik Scharfscheer
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Anita Stoll, Sabine Weber
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